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Cakerino's Story


How It Started...

In 2016, Bri Harrington ignited The Cakerino in Rensselaer, NY, blending her dietary journey with a passion for community cravings. Originally a wholesaler, we sweetened up Capital Region restaurants. As demand grew, so did we. From Rensselaer to Troy, NY, our journey evolved, culminating in a 2021 storefront opening. Our roots are in Rensselaer, but our heart is in Troy.

To How's It Going!

Fast forward to today. The Cakerino now graces Troy, NY, with retro Americana vibes. Our storefront opened in 2021, a testament to our commitment to crafting timeless desserts. From wholesaling to catering, we've grown, but our mission remains: bringing quality to classics, making every bite a delicious journey. Life is sweet in Troy, and with The Cakerino, it's only getting sweeter!

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